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Where Are We Now? Just a few ...

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Dawn (Salazar) Ross -  Class of 1999
- Oregon State University Head IHSA Coach (Equestrian Team 2012 Western National Champions

- Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, Zone VIII Region IV President 


Ty Friedrich - Class of 2003

- Current On-Site Manager of North Star Ranch Livingston, Montana
- Formerly Canyonview Barn Manager for 3 years.,

Kari Kliewer - Class of 2003

- 2012 UC Davis graduate

- Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Shawn (Borden) Harness - Class of 2004

- Along with her husband Mike, owns and manages Whispering Meadows Equestrian Center in Junction City, Oregon

- Canyonview Horsemanship Camp Program Director for 3 years.

Tiffany Murtland - Class of 2007

- Private riding instructor and trainer and has taken students to multiple blue ribbons in both English and Western classes.

Cori Brown - Class of 2008

- Assistant Cutting Horse Trainer for Jim Mapes in Kim, Colorado


Amy Dickson - Class of 2009

- Horsemanship Director at Kidder Creek Camps in Etna, California


Amy McKaughan - Class of 2009

- Trainer and Riding Instructor at Melody Springs Farm in Covington, Georgia

Jenna Byrne - Class of 2010

- Loper for Russ Elrod Cutting Horses in Terrebonne, Oregon

Jordan Skeith - Class of 2011

- Assistant Cutting Horse Trainer with Andrew Coates, Southern Cross Ranch, Esparto, CA

Serena Heppes -  Class of 2011

- Under the Son Horsemanship Riding Instructor and has taken students to multiple blue ribbons in both English and Western classes.

Jessica Westberry -  Class of 2015

- Barn Manager for Stellar Sport Horses in Aurora, Oregon

Just a few of our Alumni Testimonials ...

    I am glad to be able to share with you about CEC. I am both a graduate and a former staff member. My wife Sarah and I both graduated in May of 2003. I firmly believe after talking to graduates from many other equestrian programs that Canyonview is the best equestrian education anywhere. Yet, the beauty of it lies in the fact that while it produces top-notch horse people, it also produces people who are solid in their faith in Jesus Christ. It is an amazing combination. While you are deeply immersed in learning how to be the best horseman you can be, you also discover that your relationship with Jesus is way better than horses ever will be.
    Since Canyonview is similar to a trade school, students learn only the things which are key to their chosen profession. Management, teaching, classical riding, anatomy and conformation, vetting, professionalism, these are some of the horse-related emphases. The all-around approach to riding, with all students taking both lessons and theory in hunt seat, dressage, and western equitation, breaks down the silly walls of ignorance we as horse people put up and helps students to realize that good classical riding is based upon the same basic theories at their root. Basing everything off time-honored classical riding theory keeps CEC from becoming a trend-driven show school and makes riders who can ride a lot of horses in a lot of seats very well rather than shallow riders with just one area of expertise.
    The verse-by-verse Bible study ensures that the students really know a great deal of the New Testament especially, and equips them to preach and teach with knowledge and insight. Having an emphasis on how to apply the student's skills to ministry helps to create vision in the student, and a greater sense of purpose and urgency. This prepares them to be leaders in the fields that they choose.
    The staff at CEC insists upon professionalism and a good work ethic. This prepares the students to go out into the horse world and not only look the part but be the part. How people perceive you and how your work ethic shows is key in the horse industry. Horse people are very judgmental and often give you only one chance. The strong work ethic that the staff works to create in students is part of the key to what makes a CEC graduate different from any other. When a student graduates from CEC they are ready to hit the ground running. They know how to work and are not afraid to do it. As one who hires a number of staff, I can tell you a work ethic is hard to find. The students coming out of CEC not only know what they are taught academically, they know it experientially. They are not only taught how to teach or doctor or lead a person toward Christ, they have done it while at CEC. CEC is both a 2-year college and a 2-year work experience.
    As you can see, I feel very certain in my endorsement of CEC. I can wholeheartedly say if you are serious about your faith and your desire to be in the horse profession and are not afraid to work harder than you have ever worked before, there is no better place for you.


Thank you for the opportunity to share my excitement.​

Ty Friedrich
On-Site Manager of North Star Ranch, Livingston, Montana​


  For me, Canyonview Equestrian College was a time of growth. Spiritual growth through our study of the Bible, physical growth by improving our horsemanship skills, and emotional growth through the lasting friendships we made. I left Canyonview with a strength and maturity that has allowed me to pursue future ministry in Veterinary Medicine. I thank God for my mentors who recognized and supported my dreams before I could imagine that they were a possibility.



Kari Kliewer
UC Davis School Veterinary Medicine 

Class of 2012

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