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Child Protection Plan
In 2015 Canyonview implemented a mandatory Child Protection Plan (CPP)

This video is one part of our CPP that will be viewed by the campers as we begin camp each week.

This is an additional layer of protection that will enhance our ability to keep kids safe within our programs. To date, we are not aware of any child who has been abused at any of our camps. We recognize there are no perfect programs, however, with this CPP program; we are striving to protect the children in our care.

Staff Hiring & Training Process

We take the hiring process seriously.  We begin screening applicants right from the beginning.  Here are the basic steps taken before an applicant is hired:


  1. Fill out an Application online

  2. Submit three references (Christian Worker, Employer, Friend)

  3. Behavior-Based Interview Process

  4. 10-Factor Candidate Assessment Process

  5. Mandatory 2-hour MinistrySafe Abuse Awareness Training

  6. Background Check

  7. A week-long Staff Training focusing on spiritual growth, activities, safety, and supervision

During training we will be discussing and preparing our staff with our Child Protection Plan. We have a document that is intended to be shared with volunteers & staff during training prior to camp each summer. This is mandatory!

  • 3T’s detailing Talk, Touch, and Territory

  • 3W’s detailing 360 Supervision, Who, What, and Where

  • 3R’s detailing Child Orientation to Recognize, Resist, and Report.

Download our letter to parents
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