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Ranch Hand Program
Summer 2024

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Horse Camp-43

We are looking for teens (ages 15-17) who would like to share their love of Jesus Christ and their passion for horses with the children who come to camp each summer. We hope that each Ranch Hand will have a life changing experience; transforming their lives and the lives of others. This program promises to provide each Ranch Hand with the opportunity to develop: 

  • A deeper Relationship with Christ

  • Stronger Horsemanship Skills            

  • Greater Leadership Abilities


We are committed to help develop in each Ranch Hand a stronger, deeper knowledge of God’s Word through Bible studies, devotions, and Scripture memorization. Our desire is to equip each Ranch Hand to better serve the Lord.


We want to see the Ranch Hands strengthen their own horsemanship skills, teaching skills, and advance their personal riding goals. We are committed to weekly riding lessons, project horses, and seminars on various horse-related subjects.


We hope to see the Ranch Hands grow in their integrity, communication, and responsibility, which are all a part of strong leadership. We  are committed to teaching them how to strengthen these leadership abilities that God has blessed each one with.


Daily Responsibilities


  • Attend staff meetings 

  • Supervising campers while they groom, saddle, and clean stalls

  • Assisting an instructor in the arena

  • Assisting and leading trail rides

  • Feeding horses and other daily chores


Horsemanship & Ministry Training


  • Weekly Riding Lessons

  • Weekly interactive Group Bible Studies

  • Weekly Workshop/Seminar on various subjects such as: Professionalism, Leadership Techniques, Teaching Techniques, Equine Health Care and Safety Standards

Mandatory Ranch Hand Training June 14th-15th




The Ranch Hand position's main compensation is the spiritual and horsemanship personal development gained from the program.   As a ranch hand, you will also receive a Canyonview staff shirt. If you are looking to grow as a person and get some great professional experience, then hold on tight for a summer adventure.



"The most rewarding way to spend a summer is taking the time to learn about God, horses, and yourself. After a few weeks as a ranch hand, you’ll learn more than you never expected, on all levels. Your priorities change. The way you think becomes more defined, and you get used to doing things you never thought were possible. Whenever you have a hard time there a multitude of people to love and support you. Great people are your co-workers, inspiring and enthusiastic in all they do. I loved it!"


"There is so much wrapped up in being a Ranch Hand that I hardly know where to begin. It stretches you and makes you grow in your confidence, horsemanship, perseverance and your spiritual walk.  There are late nights, early mornings, and long hot days but God’s strength is sufficient. It is so amazing to see God at work in my life as well as in the lives of the other staff and campers around me. Ranch Hands work hard, are poured into, through seminars, Bible Studies, prayer and riding lessons, and learn how to love and be loved as Christ called us to. I praise God for this opportunity for the wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ I have worked with here!"

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