Conference Agenda

We strongly encourage everyone to attend the entire conference so that you might keep in the flow of the study.  However, those who are not able, may attend any part of the conference they wish.  Please indicate your plan on the registration form. Verse-by-verse, in-depth study of the Word of God remains the agenda at the Bible Conference.   This year we are excited to be studying the book of Ephesians.

In Ephesians, Paul teaches us that our spiritual blessings in Christ are a part of God’s plan for Jews and Gentiles to be saved to praise His glory. God put the church under the headship of Christ. We are saved by God’s grace. God is building both Jews and Gentiles upon the foundation of Jesus Christ. God revealed the mystery of Christ to show His manifold wisdom. Paul wants them to know God’s love. Paul desires them to be unified, exercising their spiritual gifts, putting on the new man, not grieving the spirit, while being forgiving. They are to walk in love, in the light, and in wisdom encouraging one another. They are to follow Christ’s example in marriage. Finally, Paul tells them how to relate to one another, using God’s armor while praying for all believers.


The Bible Conference will begin on Monday with Lunch at 12:30 p.m.  The afternoon schedule will include three 30-minute teaching sessions with 15 minutes of discussion time following each session.  The evening schedule will consist of two 30-minute sessions with 15 minutes of discussion time following.  Each morning session will also have three 30-minute teaching sessions, followed by 15 minutes for questions and discussion. 


You will have a growing time in God’s Word at our conference.  The days are filled with Bible study, singing from the heart, and Christian fellowship.  Our daily program is designed to guarantee a challenging time in the Word.




Breakfast 8:00

Singing and announcements 8:45

Morning teaching session #1 9:00

Morning teaching session #2 10:00

Morning teaching session #3 11:00

Lunch 12:00

Singing and announcements 1:30

Afternoon teaching session #1 1:45

Afternoon teaching session #2 2:45

Afternoon teaching session #3 3:45

Dinner 5:30

Singing and announcements 6:45

Evening teaching session #1 7:00

Evening teaching session #2 8:00


There are some private and four semi-private rooms for couples, or small families (two of these rooms are Handicapped-accessible), and cabins with twelve beds each for families or male and female dorms.  You will need to bring your own sleeping bags or bedding.  RV’s and tents are welcome.  For those who prefer to stay in a motel or bed & breakfast, we can provide a list of lodgings available in the surrounding area.  Please call or e-mail for further information. 


The cost for the entire conference (over 2 full days) is only $99, or $47 per day for those who attend part-time.  Prices include 3 meals a day, lodging on our grounds, and use of the facilities (except horses).  Since the fee does not fully cover general conference costs, an offering will be taken to help defray these expenses.  There is no charge to attend meetings for those who live near enough to commute; however, if you would like to join us for meals, please let us know three hours prior to the meal you want to eat.

Prices for meals are as follows: 

Breakfast—$6, Lunch—$7, Dinner—$8.  Please indicate on the registration form the meals you want to join.

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