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Canyon Kids Camp

This fall/winter we are running the Canyon Kids Camp to provide students with daily fun activities and support for their online schooling. Our purpose is to incorporate your kids' Home Learning, outdoor activities, and safe social interaction with Bible study and worship time.

Each day at camp we will be doing some of the following:

  • Outdoor Challenges and Activities

  • STEM activities (Rocketry, Angling, Nature Science)

  • Bible Studies and Worship

  • PE Class

  • Home Learning Time

Space is limited. You can sign up for full weeks of camp, or choose specific days to come.

Camps run September  - February.

Online Learning Time

Home Learning Coaches will be available to assist campers with school work. Canyonview has quiet individual spaces with supervised internet access for students to do their daily online classes. Laptops, curriculum, and other school supplies that students need should be brought from home. Each student's online requirements will be different, so we have a flexible staff to allow school time and outdoor activities throughout the day.


Lunch and snacks will be served.


Drop Off: 8:30 am

Pick Up: 4:00 pm


$40 / day or $175 / week


Ages: 6 - 15

If you'd just like to come for a couple hours for horsemanship lessons and Bible time, we have riding lessons on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You can find more info on that at:

Are you also interested in activities at our Equestrian Center? Ranch Academy Camp is our other horsemanship-focused camp this fall. We will have 9 weeks of ranch activities and horse lessons, as well as support for online learning.

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