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Canyonview Day Camp Coordinator Information

Welcome to the Day Camp Coordinator page.  Below you will find a video, this year's logos, helpful documents, and pictures.  Check out our Child Protection Plan page to see how we keep our campers and staff safe.

Full Promo Video
Short Promo Video
Docs and Logos: Contact to view and download summer documents and logos.
Helpful Documents
Please contact our office for pricing information and to set up a meeting to answer any additional questions. 
Email:   •   Phone: 971-239-1347
Kids Get Smarter Outdoors

“Average Americans spend less than 5 percent of their life in classrooms, and an ever-growing body of evidence demonstrates that most science is learned outside of school,” according to two Oregon State University researchers. Children and Nature Network co-founder Richard Louv believes that sending kids outside increases their odds of getting into Harvard. Among his findings: “A yet-to-be published study of over 500 Chicago schools suggests that greening our schools may be one of the most cost-effective ways to raise student test scores.” Read more here. Something to consider: How can your church partner with Canyonview to help kids experience the outdoors?  They will not only learn about Jesus through daily time in the word, but also valuable life-skills that can only be cultivated in God's beautiful creation!

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